USB camera gets stuck

Some background: Gweike cloud laser with a USB fisheye camera connected with a separate USB cable to a Windows 10 PC. LightBurn latest 1.4 release. The Gweike air pump is loud so we tend to power off the laser machine between jobs while adjusting and prepping the next job in LightBurn and then power on the machine again when ready to laser. LightBurn reconnects to the powered on machine just fine if we press “devices” and “ok”.

But we’re having problems with the USB camera.

The camera background image very often gets stuck. Clicking the toolbar camera icon works… until it doesn’t! When stuck none of these things have any effect:

  • Clicking the camera toolbar icon
  • in “Camera Control” tab click “Update Overlay”
  • in “Camera Control” tab click dropdown, deselect camera and select it again

When stuck the camera icon sometimes goes gray, sometimes stays black but not responsive.
When stuck the camera sometimes unsticks if we click “devices” and then “ok” in the popup. Those steps disconnects and reconnects the laser. As noted the camera is connected with a separate USB cable. But this step also appears to affect the camera sometimes.
Another thing that sometimes unsticks the camera is to disconnect the camera USB cable and reattach it again.
Saving the project, closing LightBurn, opening LightBurn and the project again also sometimes unsticks the camera.
But we have not found any 100% reliable way to get it unstuck, short of rebooting the PC.

Some questions.

Are camera issues like the above known to happen?
Any known ways to fix them or decrease how often they happen?
Should a disconnect+reconnect of the laser (from opening “devices”) be expected to have an any effect on the camera?
One thought we had was that when the laser machine is powered off its LED lights also turn off. But the camera is still on, with its separate USB connection. Could the reduced light inside the laser chamber in this situation trip up the camera processes in LightBurn somehow, maybe it gets stuck on trying to flatten out the darker fisheye image, and these issues are the result of that?

When the camera is not stuck refreshing the camera image in LightBurn still feels a bit sluggish. From toolbar icon click to refreshed image it takes about 2-3 seconds. Is that a normal or abnormal delay time for LightBurn?

We have investigated this more but still haven’t narrowed down an always successful workaround.
The webcam can be used in other applications and there seems to behave normally without issues. Which makes it less likely that the camera hardware is faulty.

Is there a documentation somewhere by LightBurn devs on what steps should happen when the camera button is clicked?

  • Get (one or more?) images from camera
  • apply transform (based on previous camera calibration and alignment)
  • do other things?
  • update LightBurn area with transformed image

Are there some such steps where things could go wrong in ways that fit the issues reported above?

@BillieRuben tagging you in here since I saw that you here wrote " I’ve had the camera drop out plenty (basically every job. :frowning: boo-USB)".
Are your camera issues similar to ours above?
Have you by now found any reliable workarounds?

Similar here, yes, I haven’t found a work around. I wonder if it’s my mac making the USB fall asleep?

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