USB connection keeps disconnecting

Several times I have started a project my connection to the USB drops. USB is plugged in and there is no reason for it to just suddenly fall out to disconnect. I tried to do a grid test several times and after a few short minutes the USB is dropped. I am using the Xtool D1 Pro if that helps. Please help me solve this issue.

Have you suspended the USB’s sleep mode ?

An old link but I believe it is still valid

worth a shot

Good day, I’m new to the laser machine hobby and even newer to this forum. I too have a 20w xTool D1 pro and I’m using Lightburn software. I have been messing around with materials tests and even engraved a few simple images with no issues. I created a logo with an image, a name and date that I’m going to engrave into a piece of wood for our friends wedding coming up and when I started a practice piece the engraving stopped and said I dropped my USB connection.

I checked everything, disabled the USP power savings setting but nothing works. Every time I engrave it pops the same error. Has anyone figured this issue out? I can use the xTool software without issue, but it’s far too limited for what I need to do. This issue happens no matter what I’m trying to engrave using Lightburn now.

Thank you!

I just bought a new USB cable, but still no luck. I can move the laser around with the “move” window but as soon as I try to engrave something it drops the USB connection

Update- I reduced the speed to below 4500 mm and was able to engrave my entire project without issue.

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