USB connection problem

HI, I have Chinese laser DAJA D3 and I have the message ‘waiting connection’ but in laser window ‘ready’ . the USB port is OK. I hear the sound when I plug/unplug it .
thanks for your help

try checking the baud rate. read it from “device settings” bottom right corner, make sure you select the right transfer mode, s-value max and baud rate. the user manual for the specific laser should have these specs.

let me know if that helps

Hi Corey. Thanks for your answer ! I found the device setting. the values are
Svalue max 1000 / Baud rate 115,200 / transfer mode buffered.
the problem is my laser has no notice so I don’t know what the values needed.
any idea ? cheers

can you try right clicking on the devices button in the laser window, while you have the console window open as well (this will force a reconnection to your laser) if you could send a screenshot back after you do that i can take a look.