USB connectivity issue macOS 11.1 V0.9.20

I just updated to 0.9.20 on my MacPro running macOS 11.1. I Installed 0.9.19 yesterday to test out the LED laser I received for christmas. I have the laser installed on my 3D printer (Sintron i3, Prussa clone). I did a test run yesterday and it worked just fine. On launch today I was offered the .20 update. After installing the USB connection fails at around 9:30 minutes into the run. This is fairly consistent. I have tried different speeds (1500, 3000, 6000, 9000 mm/m) and all fail after the same period of time so i don’t think it is a G-Code failure.
It worked fine yesterday on 19. The cable, printer etc have been in use for 3D printing for several years and I’ve not have any connectivity issues.
I still have the dmg for the .19 version on my computer so I will attempt a roll back and see if it is version specific.

OK it is failing on .19 as well, in fact quicker… I’ll try a different cable.

Unfortunately still failing with a new short cable, though ran for 25 minutes before failing. I have no issue printing for hours using Simplify3D.

When using Simplify3D is it also firing the laser? I’m assuming not, so it’s possible that however the laser is being powered is drawing too much current and browning out the controller, or the laser is causing electrical noise or interference that is causing problems for the controller.

Oz I eliminated the laser being the issue, it has a separate PSU so no increase in load on the rest of the system. The burn also fails exactly the same if I run it with the laser unpowered so it’s not interference generated by the laser.
Setting to synchronised rather than buffeted let’s it run to completion but very very much slower.
To me this looks like a timeout in Lightburn.
I’m going to save the gcode out from Lightburn today and play it back through Simplyfy3D as that might be a short term solution for me.
Let me know if there is any information I can provide to help investigate this issue. I’m a programmer with a background in electronics so can capture data at the bits and bytes level.

The gcode run through Simplify3D competed without issue. It ran at full speed so I assume it uses buffered coms.

Pretty confident this is a code issue in Lightburn.

This is 100% repeatable. Any suggestions?

I’ve updated Marlin on the Arduino to version 2. I have been running 1.9 to date. I did a couple of shortish cuts and it did not loose connection. I’ll set something more substantial running tomorrow but there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

Well the news is good. After upgrading Marlin v2 the disconnect issue has gone away. I did a multi hour burn of a raster image and no issues at all.

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