USB Device Not Recognized - TopWisdom TL-410C

Hi, I have just bought and installed LIghtburn on my windows 7, 64bit computer and also installed the FTDI serial driver. When I plug in the usb from the laser machine (TopWisdom TL-410C) I get the message ‘usb not recognized’ (have tried a usb3 cable and also a usb2 that came with machine). Using the ‘usb input’ slot on the machine.
I have tried plugging the usb cables directly into the controller board but still get the same message. There is no ethernet connection option on the machine. Attached are some photos. If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated.

Have just got lightburn working on my laptop (windows 10) and it finds and recognises the machine so problem solved, I can workaround it and use the laptop. Prehaps the issue is with windows 7 version.

You might just need to install AutoLaser so it installs the correct driver. LightBurn doesn’t include drivers for all the hardware it supports.

I just bought one of these red and black chinese lasers on ebay, 100 watt, i’m supposed to get it by friday… same controller. Did you get lightburn to work with it? thanks in advance.

Hi, yes, I’ve been using lightburn with this board and it works just fine.

Thank you for that. Its running fine using the default drivers.

That’s great news! I’m excited to get started, how is the quality? Are you engraving or cutting mostly?

Quality for the 60w machine has been great. I’ve just upgraded from a K40. The K40 arrived with laser beam entirely missing the mirrors and I had to build a bracket to move them 20mm, it also had very grubby mirrors, out of square and one belt fell off before using. The 60w black and red is a very different machine, high quality in comparison and the laser alignment was perfect out of the box. Very pleased with it. I have been doing a mixture of cutting and engraving and it has been perfect so far - still experimenting myself at this stage.

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