USB DRIVER s for MacBook Air

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I have a MacBook Air m2. First I had to buy 2 usb-c to usb-a connectors from Apple because my cheap ones from any where else did not work. Then I installed them still no connection. I then reversed the connectors and finally was able to click on the bottom center where it said Bluetooth and finally listed a new port connection. Then I had to check on the next box on the last laser.
No drivers were needed to be downloaded.


Hi Ronald,

What laser engraver?
can you add a cheap USB Hub in between laser and Mac?
I mean really cheap 2.0 ones

Genmitsu L8. I used the 2 cables that came with the laser which both have usb-A ends. My computer only has 2 usb-c ports. So I had to purchase 2 usb-c to usb-A cables from the Apple Store as my cheaper version did not work. I have a MacBook Air with a M1 chip.
I’m not sure a hub would work as fussy as the connections are.

this is probably the issue
M series macs dont handle 3.0 handshakes well
You need a USBc to USBa 2.0 hub - the 2.0 is important
They are like 10-15$ on amazon.
That will force Mac to connect to your laser via 2.0 and not even try 3.0 usb protocol - which fails silently.