Usb hub connection problem

Hello, I am using a HPlaptop purchased just a month ago, when i connect to the laser direct from the laptop usb it works fine, I only have 1 usb port on the laptop, if i hook up the lightburn camera to the laptop via the usb port it works… if i try using a usb hub connecting the laser and the camera to the laptop it does not connect, any suggestions…

Making a very broad generalization, if you spent less than $15-20 for the hub, you probably aren’t going to get good results. The higher end hubs have dedicated paths/chips for each port. The cheaper ones kludge things around to make it work. Also, a hub with an external power connector can make things better as well. Otherwise the PC USB power is shared across everything.

Ideally, however (and yes, you don’t have the option), is a dedicated USB port on the PC for the controller. You can also look into connecting via the ethernet port.