USB not recognized - Ruida Controller

Good morning

I’ve got my CNC laser installed yesterday and heard great things about LightBurn so i thought i’d download the trial 0.9.09. I installed LightBurn and checked the box to install the additional FTDI device driver.

When i plug my computer (Running windows 10) into the USB port on the laser a “USB not recognized” box appears at the bottom right near the task bar. The device manger shows a error under the universal serial bus controllers stack and when i try to search for the laser through LightBurn, it cannot find it.

I went and got a second computer (Laptop running windows 10) and went through the same process and got the same result, USB not recognized.

I will attach some photos to help explain the set up and issue.

Controller (Ruida i believe) -

USB port used -

Did you try a different USB cable? How long is the cable you’re using currently?

Error messages -

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Blake’s suggestion about trying a different USB cable is a good one.

You can also try connecting directly to the controller (the one with the yellow Main Board sticker in your pics). The controller has a short extension cord that connects the PC-USB port to the USB socket on the outside of the machine. You can unplug the square end of the cord and plug directly into that board with a different cable - sometimes the extensions are damaged or have loose pins, so check that too.

Thanks for the help guys, it was infact the USB port on the outside of the machine causing the issue, we are all up and running.

I’ll post some photos to help people who might run across this in the future and come across this thread.

Pull out the USB port on the Left hand side of the controller inside your machine, it is a square shaped connector (Standard type B USB) -

Plug in a new USB (Left hand side of the controller) and then directly to your PC -

You should get a new entry at the bottom in your universal serial bus controllers stack in Device manger -

My CNC laser still didn’t come up when i used “Find my laser” on LightBurn start up so i had to enter it manually (Select Serial/USB and enter the machines Origin and cutting envelope) -

Then at the bottom right hand side of LightBurn, select your device and the port you are connected too. If there are multiple ones, just select one and wait a few seconds to see if the “Disconnected” status changes to “Ready”. If not, pick another and wait until it does, mine just happens to be port 4 but i’m sure this changes depending on which USB port you are using on your PC.

Time to do some cutting.

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