USB not showing

Several weeks ago I lost the SSD in my MacBook Air. Until I get a new SSD I am running the computer off of an external HD. My computer is running macOS 10.12 and Lightburn is the newest version. In the laser tab (window), “choose” menu there only option is "cu.Incoming.Bluetooth.Port. There is No option showing for USB available. I know the USB port I have the laser plugged into is ok as I plug a thumb drive in and it was recognized by the system.
Is there anything within Lightburn that I can change that may bring the USB option back?

No. LightBurn will show you whatever devices are detected by the OS. If the USB device is not showing there that means macOS has not detected the device and made it available.

Check System Report->Hardware->USB to see if your laser is getting detected.

Running ls /dev/*usb* in Terminal should also show your enumerated USB devices.

Thank you for your response.

I did mention (although not clearly) in the original post that the USB port itself is being recognized. If I plug a thumb drive in, System Information does show the name of the drive. When the laser is plugged in it is simply shown as ‘USB Serial’.

As for the terminal commands….
I copy and paste your guidance ls /dev/usb at the prompt Terminal replies “No such file or directory”

To clarify…. The problem isn’t that the laser isn’t showing… the problem is that USB is not showing…. Only Bluetooth.

I understood that the port was in working order based on the thumb drive test. It wasn’t clear to me that the laser was being detected. If USB Serial is being detected then that’s good.

Did you include the asterisk before and after “usb”? If so, it seems that a port isn’t being created. I’m wondering if this is a failure of the driver.

Can you include screenshots of the System Report that shows the USB Serial device? I’m going to guess your laser has a WCH341 but would like to confirm.

Also, can you confirm that this was working fine before your SSD went bad? Is this a new install of the OS or this is a duplicate image?

Can you clarify? How are you differentiating this? I assume if USB is not showing the laser isn’t working and not being made available as a port from the OS.

Thank you again for your help.

I think some of my problem is the OS I’m working with at the moment. Prior to my SSD failing I had been using Catalina 10.15…… I’ve been using my laser with Lightburn for approx 6 months with that OS. The external drive I’m using is older…. and that is where I believe the problem arose. Catalina, apparently didn’t require the driver that exists for some lasers. So, it didn’t occur that this older OS might.

I went and downloaded the driver, installed it and lo & behold…… I’m back in business,!

Than you so much! If you would still like me to answer some of your last questions, I can get you a reply.

Count me as happy!!!

It means macOS isn’t detecting the device yet, so you need to make sure that USB is properly installed.