USB to Ruida Flaky

I am posting this to help others that have had problems with USB connections to Ruida Controllers. I have three Redsail Lasers that I run off USB connections and Ruida Controllers. I have had, generally, really good luck with them in regards to operation. Recently I purchased a Dell e7470 laptop to go along with my desktop computer and my trusty old Dell e6430 laptop.

The two older computers have never had a problem and still don’t. The new e7470 makes a flaky USB connection to my RUIDA 6442 controller and at the same time, the touchpad freezes up on the e7470. If I disconnect my laser from the e7470, the touchpad works normally.

So I took the laptop back to the store, thinking it was a problem with the laptop and got another one. The new one did exactly the same thing. Fixes, I tried all of the normal things, such as delete and reinstall software/drivers, but nothing helped.

Finally, in desperation, I called Dell. They were quite nice, but were adamant that the trouble was not with their laptops, even though the older Dell laptop worked great.

In the end, I discovered that some newer computers use a 3.0 USB chip that is not compatible with some 2.0/1.0 USB devices due to noise generated on the data lines. The Ruida Controller is a 2.0 device. Dell had no answer, so I searched the internet and found a device called a USB isolator that solved the problem.

The USB isolator optically isolates the data lines from voltage noise created between the 3.0 USB port on the computer and 2.0/1.0 device hooked up to 3.0 port. Apparently the older 2.0/1.0 USB chips had data line noise dampening built into them, while the newer chips don’t. The Isolator is small, sort of looks like a thumb drive, and will just connect to the end of your USB Cable and plug into the USB port on your computer.

I found my Isolator for about 20 bucks. Do an internet search for “USB Isolator”. You will find all kind of prices, from hundreds to less than 10 bucks. You do not need an expensive $$$ high speed isolator for this problem. Good Luck!


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