Use of sub layers in a cut job

Hi. The manual indicates “Sub-Layers allow you to set multiple cut/engraving settings on the same layer & geometry.”. I have seen examples of the use of sublayers for engraving, but can’t figure out how to use sub-layers for cutting.
Is this possible? Is there any example of how to assign a sub-layer to a part of a geometry?

This is really no different than a normal layer. Sublayers are functionally like having as many cut layers as you do sublayers. What’s different with sublayers, though, is that instead of having to have duplicate geometry for every layer to be able to specify a different cut setting you can use sublayers to specify different cut settings for the same given geometry.

So for a cut, just specify a line operation sublayer with the appropriate speed/power settings to accomplish a cut.

That’s not how it works. Like any other layer, sublayers apply to the entire object that is assigned that cut layer. If you need more granular cut settings you would need to split up the geometry and assign each piece to a different cut layer entirely.

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