Use Ortur rotary with Omtech laser

Anyone know if I changed out the connectors on an Ortur rotary device, could I use it on an Omtech machine? Looking to upgrade and buying another rotary unit is just another cost I need to add, would rather not if not required.

If the motor is the same physical size (NEMA 23 on my OMTech), then it can likely handle whatever current the stepper driver is set for.

If it’s a smaller motor (NEMA 17 on typical diode lasers), then it’ll overheat and fail in short order: do not try this!

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You need to check the motor for it’s current rating… The NEMA information is here … it’s a pdf, remove the .txt extension.

Data-Sheet-Stepper-Motor-Support.pdf.txt (839.0 KB)

If it’s a smaller motor you can reconfigure the motor driver between each use (that’s a drag) or you can put in another motor driver specifically for the rotary.

If you get a 6445, I think they are using U as a rotary axes, that would make it more simple.

A new motor driver is about $20 US, so it’s much lower cost than new rotary…

The mount foot print is different, since a NEMA17 is 1.7" a side and the NEMA23 is 2.3" on a side…

People have also switched the control lines between the drivers with a mechanical selector.

Good luck


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