Use selection origin grayed out

Hi folks, turned on the machine today but it it now homing to the corner. “Use selection origin” is grayed out and I can’t figure out how to get it back. I calibrated a camera yesterday to test and didn’t notice it. Any suggestions?

X700 clone - Ruida controller

You have to have “Cut Selected Graphics” turned on for Use Selection Origin to be active.

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And once again,problem solved. THANK YOU so much!

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Ok, not solved -

No matter what I do the laser homes to the corner. I used to be able to shoot a job from anywhere on the bed but now it always homes. I calibrated a camera before his happened. Any way to revert back prior to the settings being changed?

Do you have your “Start From” set to User Origin? That will let you set origin with the origin button on the control pad, and that is where the job will start from.


I feel like a schmuck…:woozy_face: Thank you. That was it. I really have to pay attention. Thanks again.

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