Use software without a laser cutter?

I have access to a laser cutter that uses the Lightburn software. I’m wondering if I can purchase Lightburn and use it to prepare my files, as well as preview prints and get time estimates without setting it up with a laser cutter? Or can I set it up with the laser cutter without plugging it in? My plan is to prepare the files at home and then transfer to the machine connected to the laser cutter.

Yes, you can manually create a device profile without ever connecting to a laser. We’ve got instructions on that here:

In order to get accurate time estimates, you’ll need to copy the Simulation Settings (‘Edit’ > ‘Device Settings’ > ‘Additional Settings’) from a computer that has connected to the laser you’ll be using and read settings from its controller, or connect your home computer one time to the laser to read them, or adjust them manually through trial and error.

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Great thank you!

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