Use U-Axis as Rotary on Ruida RDC6442G

Hello there,

i recently bought a used red-and-black 60W-CO2-Laser with a Ruida RDC6442G-Controller.

I bought Lightburn right away and i am very pleased using it. Great Tool. (:slight_smile:

My laser has two Stepper-Drivers and i have to plug in the Steppermotor of the Rotary in the Y-Driver everytime i want to engrave something round. Common thing, i believe…

Because i ran into some minor issues while changing back and forth between Rotary and Y-axis and i just dont like plugging in and out all the time i bought a third Stepper-Driver and connected it to the U-Axis-Connector on the Controller.

So far so good, i can easily control the Round-Axis as the U-Axis in the Controller-Display while having X and Y in use simultaneously.
But then i unfortunately realized that i simply cannot use the U-Axis as Rotary-Axis in Lightburn when using a Ruida-Controller. :confused:

Why is that so? And is there any chance to get it working?

Sorry if that has already been asked, didnt find anything on that matter.

Greetings from northern Germany,