Use U-Axis as Rotary on Ruida RDC6442G

Hello there,

i recently bought a used red-and-black 60W-CO2-Laser with a Ruida RDC6442G-Controller.

I bought Lightburn right away and i am very pleased using it. Great Tool. (:slight_smile:

My laser has two Stepper-Drivers and i have to plug in the Steppermotor of the Rotary in the Y-Driver everytime i want to engrave something round. Common thing, i believe…

Because i ran into some minor issues while changing back and forth between Rotary and Y-axis and i just dont like plugging in and out all the time i bought a third Stepper-Driver and connected it to the U-Axis-Connector on the Controller.

So far so good, i can easily control the Round-Axis as the U-Axis in the Controller-Display while having X and Y in use simultaneously.
But then i unfortunately realized that i simply cannot use the U-Axis as Rotary-Axis in Lightburn when using a Ruida-Controller. :confused:

Why is that so? And is there any chance to get it working?

Sorry if that has already been asked, didnt find anything on that matter.

Greetings from northern Germany,

Did the @Lignumaqua fix work for you?

I just did my first rotary job yesterday and have thought about using the u axes for the rotary.



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