User Interface Suggestion about resizing shapes from data entry fields

My normal workflow for creating a new primitive shape is to click on the tool I need (Rectangle,circle) and then drag open the shape whit the approximate size I need. Then click the selection arrow, then click on the shape, then click on the lock aspect button to unlock it (if its locked), then click in the X size box and enter the exact dimensions, then click the Y size box and enter that value.

Then I must move the new correctly sized shape into the location I need. I typically do this with the arrow keys since the control is much finer than I can get with the mouse.

So far so good (except for needing to select the shape I just created). But what happens when I press the down arrow key expecting the shape to move downward, the shape get larger in the Y direction.

Then I must undo that action, click out of the size box and then use the arrow key again to move the object.

My suggestion is to remove the focus from the text entry boxes and return it to the object after the carriage return is entered in the text entry box. Then I would expect the arrow keys to work as expected and move the object instead of changing the shapes size that I just exactly entered with the keyboard.

I understand that an argument can be made for the reason it functions the way it does, but the above is my argument for why a change might be considered. I am curious if anyone else has the same issue or if I am making my life slightly more difficult with the way I am using the tool.