User-Made Video Content Request

As the LightBurn community has grown, we’ve expanded access to early versions of our software to include Release Canadiate versions for public use, alongside the existing closed beta user group (this is very early pre-Release Canadiate versions, not public).

We’ve encountered confusion stemming from user-made video content that covers these closed beta features. Some viewers do not know why a given feature or release is unavailable to them, or, after release, are confused by discrepancies between a beta version, release candidate, and the official release.

To address this confusion, we’re asking anyone making content about a feature that’s in a beta or Release Candidate version of LightBurn to keep the following in mind as they create content.


  • Explicitly state that you are using a beta version of LightBurn in your content.
  • Note that the details of what you are showing may be different in the official release version.
  • Check back in after the official release and make sure your content is still accurate. Update content to reflect any changes after release, if possible.
  • Please feel free to request our feedback on content that covers new or updated features, to ensure accuracy and clear up any misconceptions. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries.

We deeply appreciate the work done by content creators to educate new users and foster a vibrant and welcoming LightBurn community. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure our community remains not only active, but also well-informed.


I am an Italian Youtuber and I use your beta versions to create videos with previews of the new features that we will receive with the new versions of Lightburn. I always highlight that this is not a final version and is subject to changes. However, I would like to suggest that, for beta versions, you clearly add the word “beta” to the version number visible at the top left of the user interface, to avoid misunderstandings.

Thank you for this suggestion. :slight_smile: Timely. We are currently having discussions about this internally. :slight_smile:

Update: Planned and should show up in the betas very soon.

As a follow-up based on a conversation with Oz, I know I was asked not to release content that highlights features only available to the beta testers.

His final say was not to release it until it is in public beta as rightfully so things change quick and may not even make certain releases. I know the video I recorded right after 1.7 dropped is obsolete as certain tool functionality changed based on our feedback and bugs.

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