User Origin Won't Start in Laser Grid


I have two x700 clone lasers with Ruida controllers running lightburn 0.9.09 on Windows 10.

I have always had “Start From” set to User Origin, however since I updated lightburn, the green square representing the Job Origin will sometimes be unable to come into the laser grid. I have attached two pictures showing the problem. The second picture is how I would like the Job Origin/Start From position to be set.

Any one know what’s going on here?

Check to see if you have any accidental stray artifacts in your drawing. Zoom out where the grid is not the whole screen and use a selection box to select everything above the black square. I often forget to escape to select something and drop a tiny line or box on the drawing that can’t be seen.

Thanks for the reply, Bill.

I’ve been fooled by stray artifacts before, but that’s not the problem in this case. :man_shrugging:

Restarting Lightburn will often solve the problem, as will dragging all my work above the grid, but those are clunky fixes to what I’m guessing has an obvious solution…

I teach LB to a bunch of retired folks (retirement community maker group). I see the stray artifact all the time. I always teach to use the “center” as the user origin because of the stray things. However, I haven’t seen that issue when using the corners. I use upper left as user origin as a habit. It may be related to your laser (Oz or others might have a better clue). We have a Boss 1630 based on a Ruida controller.

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