Using 2 Machines

We have a red and black 80W, and a red and black 100W. Unfortunately they have different home positions. We need to run both of these from the same computer. I know there’s the option at the bottom to switch lasers, but because the homing position is different from one unit to the other, it flips the design over (mirrors across to the other side of the page). We have the same template to use on both machines, in the lower RH corner if you are standing in from of the machine.

Is there a way to make both lasers able to run the same file, lets say one design is customized with one name, and the other with a different and down the line we will have different customizations…I need to run these back to back to back, alternating machines each time. How do I run the same design (with a different name) over and over, back and forth between the lasers without the software flipping the design when I select laser 1 VS laser 2?

If this is a repeatable job, you might consider sending the job to each machine. Doing so writes the job to the Ruida Controller memory (allowing the machine to run independently).

In short, you can’t. Since the machines have different origins, the location of the artwork will be different on the two machines, so there’s no way to make a single file behave the way you want.

@UrbanEngravings, one of the nice things about a DSP controller like Ruida is the independent functionality / stand alone capability.

So for a situation like yours, if the job is identical (not customized for each run), having the machine origin set for machine A, send the file to machine A:

Then change the origin to how machine B operates and send the file to machine B:

The memory on the controller is non-volatile (saves even when powered off), so until you manually delete the files, there they are for running as often as needed independent of LightBurn.

This is what I figured. I have saved the template of the file in the same spot (relative to bed position) and make a fixture to hold the parts on the new machine. I will just have to set them up in separate templates for each machine.

Unfortunately the files are customized in a way that I have to touch every file. I have it set up now to where I will just have to set up the files separately (1/2 on one template for the first machine, 1/2 on another template for the 2nd machine).

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