Using a camera much closer to target object

I have a C922 Logitech camera on a 100W Red/Black Chinese laser, Ruida controller. It works well but the contrast of the target object’s surfaces are fairly low despite lighting/shadowing efforts and fairly small (1/2" square). As a simple test, I’ve found that if I place the object 4-6" from the camera, I can capture a good quality, usable image in Lightburn.

Question is: Can I rigidly mount the camera just above the path of the laser to avoid interference, such that it’s maybe 6"-8" above the cutting surface, then calibrate it? For example, mounting it on the inside of the CLOSED lid. I understand that this will not capture the whole bed, but that doesn’t matter for my application. A full size calibration dot matrix sheet would not allow for more than a few dots to be seen by the camera at 6". Can I simply shrink the calibration dot pattern? If the camera’s FOV is smaller than the lasered 1,2,3,4 markers, is there a way to work around that?

Thanks in advance!

The calibration wizard includes a scale value that is a percentage scale to run the marker job at. If you scale it down to whatever fits in the view you have, it should work, yes.

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