Using a PC verses USB file on Ruida controller Issue

When I use my PC to run a file on my CO2 laser it works fine. The problem I am having is when I copy the same file to a USB and then try and run it on the laser. It seems to be using a different start origin. It uses a starting point about 20" to the right and 8" lower than the lasers current position (I am using the “start at current position” option in LB). I have looked at the LB manual and some videos and I cannot seem to figure this one out. I have a home built CO2 laser with a Ruida 6445 controller.

I’m not certain but I think what’s happening is that LightBurn sends absolute coords based on translating the current position to those coordinates. So what’s saved to the RD file does not allow for arbitrary relocation based on current position from the panel.

I’m not absolutely certain about this but backing into this understanding based on the behavior I’ve seen.

In your case, the location where the laser is trying to go, does it match the position of the design in workspace if looking at it from an absolute coords perspective?

To answer your question, I do not think it matches the position of the design in workspace if looking from an Abs coord prespective. I am not sure how it is shifting the axis.

What I did is to save the LB file using the “absolute coordinate system” (not the current position) and it worked fine.

I think I cannot use the “current position” option when saving to a USB.

I’d still like to hear from others who may have run into this issue.


I realized I misspoke.

This should have asked if it’s going to the absolute place that the laser was positioned at the time when you saved the file.

I did hook up the laptop and ran a different file previously. I think it did run from that previous absolute position. I might try and replicate the scenario. so yes I think you may be correct.


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