Using a raspberry pi zero w with camera as a webcam for camera overlay

I have a raspberry pi zero w with a camera that I would like to use as a webcam for lightburn. I don’t plan on watching my cr-laser falcon 10w remotely or anything; I just want to be able to use the overlay feature rather than try to align everything using Creality’s trace feature (which just moves the laser around the edges of your design at low power). I have been able to get the webcam stream going over the internet and even view it in OBS Studio, yet I haven’t been able to get it usable in LightBurn, even after pressing the “start virtual camera” button. Splitcam won’t work, either, as it needs an rtsp url rather than a simple ip address in order to get a webcam working over wifi. I’ve also tried using virtualhere, but it doesn’t show my camera at all (but it will show my engraver if it’s plugged in). There isn’t much room near my engraver, so simply bringing my computer to the engraver and connecting a usb camera isn’t really an option. Has anyone successfully used a raspberry pi camera as a webcam in Lightburn using an apple silicon mac?

LightBurn does not currently offer an IP camera Solution.
I am a fan and a proponent - I want this too. Please upvote it as a feature suggestion here. IP Cam support · LightBurn While reviewing this, I see some helpful looking suggestions but I can’t say for certain that this is the way through.

The documentation is painfully clear about the requirement for the USB camera. Camera Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

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