Using + and - axis value directions in Lightburn

Is there a way to set it up like our cnc mills we run? This would make it easier on us when designing things. Since we are familiar with this layout and for programing. Our normal cad/cam software is setup like picture below. Can we setup Lightburn the same way? Like this picture I found on here:

Everything seems to point to positive values only unless I am wrong?


Indeed this is the intended mode of operation. You could potentially get away with using the machine in “Current Position” Start From mode only but if you want a smooth experience and access to all features you really want to be working in positive coordinates.

Ok thanks. It looked like it but being new to this i wanted to make sure wasn’t missing something.

No, not missing anything.

Not sure if you’ve this part of the documentation but it gives you more context if you’re interested.

Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

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