Using 'auto-increment variable text' option in the modifier menu

I have used the grid or array modifier quite a bit, but keep seeing the "Auto-Increment variable text’ option being enable and set to one. I have read the Documentation on the modifier page, but there is no mention of its use.

Did I miss it somewhere. Do you have a demo of its application somewhere?


This is when using one of the variable text options, like serial numbering or CSV/Merge. All text shapes have an ‘offset’ value which is added to the current serial index, so it can be used to offset a number, or look up a different entry in a CSV file.

For a quick example, if I create a single text object and set it to ddd (3 decimal digits), and set the type to ‘Serial Number’, when copied with the Grid tool, the index is incremented for each copy automatically.

In the edit window it looks like this:

… but when previewed, you see the actual indices being used:

The documentation mentions it, but I couldn’t find an example of how to use it. Thanks I get it now.

Take care. :slight_smile:

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