Using cnc since recent purchase of lightburn

I’ve been using LightBurn with my laser for a little while now and can find my way around fairly easily. I just hooked my router back up, for the first time with LightBurn, and I’m having issues with it not picking up between letters of words.

if you look closely you can see what I’m saying. I’ve got something I need done by tomorrow. Help!

Lihgtburn is not made to control CNC routers. It does not send commands to pick up the head between cuts.

You haven’t specified what “your router” is or uses for firmware, but you would likely need to revert any settings changes you enabled to use the laser. The most common ones are $32 (laser mode) and $10 (position reporting mode) for Easel.

When I set lightburn up it had an option for a macro button setting for cnc. My router is a Dewalt router on a millright cnc machine. I have no idea what easel is. I’m using lightburn, before lightburn I was using UGS version 2.

What are you using to generate the job that’s not lifting the Z?