Using Cut Selected Graphics

I have three images on my worktable and I want to select only one of these images to send to the laser.
Every time I try to do this I get the error message Cut Selected Graphics enabled but you have not selected anything. I have tried ungrouping the image I want to send to the laser, I have tried drawing a box around the image, and I have checked the box for Cut Selected Graphics and it still won’t work. Can someone go thru the steps I need to take to accomplish this. Please don’t tell me the keyboard short cuts but instead tell me what to click on with the mouse using a Mac computer. I have attached a screen shot that might help figure out the problem.

You need to have an active selection for this to work.

  1. Select the Selection tool in the toolbar. Looks like an arrow.
  2. Click on the object you want to burn
  3. Push Start in Laser window

Your solution worked. Thanks!

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