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I have been using LightBurn for a couple of days and I really like it. Unfortunately all the design files I use are on Fusion 360 and as a private user I’m restricted in the file types I export. I have converted a STEP file to a SVG format and imported that, it seems to display okay except of course it is a 3D drawing. My problem is how to use that for cutting the shape and engraving the text, it seems I can’t select individual sections such as the outline for cutting or the text for engraving, everything is selected together. Is there a way I can use Fusion files? I should say that I’m pretty much a beginner to this.
Thanks for any help on this.


You should still be able to export sketches in Fusion 360 as DXF files.
So, I’m assuming you want to export a single face of whatever the 3D object you have in Fusion for use in LightBurn.
In Fusion, click on the New Sketch button, and then select the object face you want as your sketch plane.
Then use the “Project” tool (press P key) (that’s project as in projector) and hover over then click the face you just used to define your sketch plane. If there are other faces that are on the same plane but not contiguous with the first, you will have to select those too. Click ok, in the Project tool and you will now have a sketch that represents all the features on the that face.

In the object browser tree on the left, open your sketch folder, right click on the new sketch you made and choose “Export as DXF”

Then you can load that into LightBurn.
I realize that what I just described covers a bunch of things you may not be familiar with. If so, I highly recommend looking up tutorials on using the sketch and project tools. They will describe it far better than I can.

Hopefully I understood what you were getting at right.

Hi Adam, many thanks for your reply. I followed your procedure and it works perfectly except that some of the letters are missing segments such as the inner rings in the letters O, A, B. Is there a way to capture them? I have attached the DXF file so you can see what I mean.

Looks like you can’t attach files yet (it’s a new user thing, but I’ve fixed your profile so you can in the future) - but it’s alright, I’m pretty sure I know the issue.
When you use the project tool, if you select a face it will grab all edges except those that are contained by other edges. So, for example, inner rings of letters. You just have to go and select those too before completing the project operation. You can either select the inner face or the edges directly. I’m unaware of a way to select everything on that plane, including inner stuff. Might be a way - I’d recommend checking the Fusion forums.

Thanks Adam, I’ll go back in and play some more. Thanks for the detailed explanations, it’s a great help and I’m sure I can work this out from here.


You are right Adam, there doesn’t appear to be a way to select everything in one shot. You have to add to the selection by clicking in the spaces left inside the letters. Also, for anybody new to Fusion 360, text isn’t treated the same as other lines on the page. You need to create a 3D model with the text in relief, before you can do the projection onto a new sketch (as per Adam’s instructions above). You can’t just go from a sketch to a DXF as the text will be ignored.

Actually, not entirely true. Just have to “Explode” the text first. Once you do that it cannot be edited and is just regular lines and curves like any other sketch. It’s just like using “Convert to Path” on text in LightBurn.
Once you do that you can export to DXF just fine.

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Good to know, thanks

Guys, thanks very much, I have been able to do this now. I just hold down the Ctrl key and select the areas inside the letters and then everything is captured. Save to DXF and then open in LightBurn. Did my first cutting/engraving and result is excellent. Just have to experiment now on power and speed settings so that I can cut through the 2mm acrylic I’m using on this project.
Next step is to go and buy the licence for LightBurn.


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