Using Frame with Shift Key

I am attempting to align and setup a project. When I use the Frame option combines with holding down the shift key the laser turns on and frames my project. It also burns a line around the project when it does this.

Is there a way to reduce the laser power so I can see the laser framing my project without burning a LINE as the laser frames the project?

Thank you for your help.

The laser power is set to whatever value you enter when setting up the ‘Fire’ button in the Move window. What power did you set there?

it is set at 1%

The power field will take decimal entries so try reducing power to 0.1%. Are you still experiencing the issue? Does the intensity of the beam change at all?

Also check the value of $30 in Machine Settings. Change S Value Max in Device Settings to match the value in $30. If you have an Arduino based controller $30 is normally set to 255. If you manually created the device in LightBurn S Value Max will be set to 1000 which could skew any power settings.

Hi Berainlb,

I reduced the Fire Power to .05% which helped…Althou, there is still a faint line from the Framing. Also, I changed the $30 to 255 from 1000.


I didn’t mean for you to change $30. I meant for you to change S Value Max in Edit->Device Settings to match $30. What was the original value of $30? Put it to what it was originally. Then change S Value Max to the same value.

This seems very odd. What material is underneath the laser while framing? It seems you’re not getting proper power modulation or somehow your material is ultra photo sensitive.

Also, is there a reason why you are using an Arduino controller for your Sculpfun?

ty Berainlb,

I changed the $30 back to 1000 which is the S-Value Max in Device Settings.

I am using leather.

The arduino controller is what came with my laser when I purchased it over 3 years ago. I have been thinking about upgrading the controller. I am just now researching what to upgrade to. Do you have any good suggestions? I just upgraded to the Sculpfun about 2 weeks ago.

Okay, to confirm, this is on your Sculpfun? If so, that’s fine.

If this is the arduino then $30 should be 255, not 1000.

I’m not sure why you’re getting a mark on leather. 0.05% seems very low. You may want to try going even lower to see if the problem goes away. If you haven’t already then try running a test pattern to see if you’re getting proper power modulation across the entire range.

Can you confirm that laser mode is on ($32=1)? Someone else had a very large power modulation issue without that being set. I wouldn’t normally think it would have such a large effect but it did for him.

Not really. It seems many of these boards have pluses and minuses. Is there something specific about the arduino solution that you’re trying to address? That could help guide your choice.

No for the arduino. I was looking for a 32-bit solution to mate with the Sculpfun S9. I found a few to look at ( like the Makerbase DLC 32 bit board). However in the meantime this board works ok.

Hopefully I can find a work around for aligning my work without the Framing lines being burned.

Thank you

Do you have any other suggestions for not getting framing lines burned onto the work? Are there other ways to align my work without using the Shift/Framing?

Thank you Berainlb

You need to sort out the power modulation issues. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get power lower enough to frame without marking.

To confirm, $30 and S Value Max are both set to 255 now?

Again, suggest you run a power test pattern to see that you’re getting proper power modulation against the entire range. If you don’t see a proper modulation of power then that would indicate that something else is going on.

This will depend on the type of work you do. Will your material fit into a jig that you can align once or in quickly repeatable way? By using alignment pins/markers/other? For high volume work this is probably the best way to do this.

Thank you for your response and suggestions. I do use jigs I made for some repetitive items I do. Due to the many sizes I use I have to align the work items individually. This is why aligning by Framing with the laser on works so good for me.


This is definitely most flexible. How did you do this previously? Is this situation with the laser marking a new issue that’s only recently started? If so, has anything else changed recently?

If this is something new that’s come up this could indicate an issue elsewhere. Likely the board on your laser module.

My previous laser worked great. I aligned everything with the Framing/Laser on.

This changed when I upgraded to the Sculpfun S9 about 2 weeks ago. I am sure the S9 being more powerful is a lot of the problems I have having. I am burning with setting the Max Power at 10% where I was setting the old laser at 65-70% for the same results. I need to relearn my baseline settings using the lower power settings.

Maybe I can try tape on the work. The laser on low setting wont penetrate the tape when using the Frame/Laser On

I will see

Hi Berainlb

After thinking about your comments I ordered this controller card. The Makerbase MKS DLC32 CNC shield controller with DLC32-2209 Driver. Hopefully this controller will compliment the speed and accuracy of the Sculpfun S9 laser.

Thank you again for your help.


One thing to watch out for. I believe the DLC32 is capable of 12V or 24V input power. Output voltage from the controller will match the input voltage. I’m not certain but I believe the Sculpfun S9 is a 12V system so make sure you’re accounting for that.

thank you Berainlb

I was able to find a detailed wiring manual to help.
I will pay attention to that


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