Using G10 for Orientation

I have a cnc which when I do the homing cycle I get negative numbers -288 -178.
I read online and here but just can’t get it to work correctly.
In GRBL I have G10 = 0 Ihave set my bed size to X288 and Y178.
I want to use the lower left corner so in settings Origin is set to lower left.
I have a G10 L2 P1 X-288 and Y-+178 Z0 so after homing if I ckick on get position it shows
X 1 Y 177 Z -1. So if i say goto 0 0 its moves to the upper left corner.
I have tried many different settings but can’t get it to work.
Please help:

You likely need to change the position reporting in GRBL to be relative to the workspace origin, not the absolute machine origin. ($10=0 for 1.1 or higher, $10=2 for 0.9 or lower)

Which version of GRBL are you running? And can you show your settings? (type $$ in the console and press enter, copy & paste the output here)

Hi yes I have $10=0 but after homing (lower left corner) when I press “Get Position” it gives me
X 1 and Y 176 (have a 1mm backoff on homing). So if i so Goto X0 Y0 the bed will move to the upper left corner.

UPLeft--------------------- UPRight

lower Left--------------------lower right

Lokking from front.

After homing, type G92 X1 Y1 into the console. That will set the current position to that coordinate.

Thanks Oz will try asap.

Ok got it working like it should but not using the G92. The problem was the G54 which was wrong.
after some many tries the GRBL was messed up I set reset to default values and changed only the values needed . Yes I did use G10=0 any way using then G10 L2 P1 X-288 Y-178 Z0. Now after homing I use the macro and position is X 0 Y Z0 perfect.also doing so has made my cuts even better. Last thing which is not working is even if I have HOME on open it does not home automatically.

I’ve seen home on startup fail on some machines if they take longer than expected to start accepting commands. It’s uncommon, but it can happen. Do you see any error messages in the console when it first connects?

To be honest I don’t think so but will look. Should the homing commence when I start Lightburn and the machine is already on or when Lightburn is already running and I turn the machine on?

It should work in either case. When LightBurn first connects, it sends a G0 command 4 times a second until the controller responds with ‘ok’. Once it gets the ok, then it sends the $H homing command.

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