Using interior graphic to set origin

LB defaults to using the exterior graphic to set the job origin position. But how do you utilize an interior graphic/shape to set the origin position?

There is a “use selection for origin” button but it is grayed out and I cannot use it unless I also select to “cut selected graphic” as well. But this causes LB to ONLY cut the selected graphic vs the entire job.

Using a sculpfun S9 that does not have homing and absolute coordinates.

Is there a way to select any graphic/shape in the job (not just the exterior one) and use it etf set the job origin?

I’ll try to address a few different things from your problem statement.

You can in fact use absolute coordinates as long as you follow this startup procedure:

  1. Before starting machine, move laser head to front left position of frame
  2. Turn on laser

This should result in the starting position of the laser being at 0,0. Once that is done, you should be able to use absolute coords, assuming you’ve defined the proper working size of the workspace.

Can you post an example screenshot of the type of thing you’re trying to do? I think you’re saying you want to align to a portion of the overall job, but then burn a bigger portion that what you had aligned to. But specifics will help both the understanding and the explanation.

Thank you! Awesome pts. I’ll get a screen shot tonight. But 2 things:

I simply want to pick which feature/graphic in the job to set origin position (vs the default largest exterior graphic). That way I can use laser current position and an identifiable datum point on a jig to set start position. OR if my cut extends the exterior framing shape, the origin defaults to the cut vs the frame shape and I can’t get a good start point

2nd: I have 2-3 mm of play at the front left. My laser pushed off a bit from the manually set “home” position. How do I know if I am at 0,0 and not for example 1,2 when I manually set home? If I am at 1,2 relative to what light burn thinks is 0,0 will my job be off by 1,2 mmms?

2-3 mm of play in relation to what? Sounds like you might some sort of jig in place? You’d probably have to realign your jig location with respect to your alignment procedure. Or alternatively you can align your laser head precisely to your expected 0,0 and then issue “G92 X0 Y0” to force that location to be 0,0.

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