Using Laser#2 due to Laser#1 channel bad on Ruida, Lightburn setup and use

Ruid RDC644XG controller. Assume channel 1 is dead so swapping to channel #2 to run the same tube as before. LB v9.20

Setting up the Ruida to enable Ch2 and disable Ch1. (edit>machine settings and adjust, write)

Multi Tube off: Does Lightburn layer setup correlate to Laser #2 automatically? (settings that are available when using multi tube enable to setup each channel separately does not appear)

Multi Tube On: Shows both laser options, can individually configure. Have to turn water protection off (probably a different input to Ruida).

Want to be able to run just Ch2. Problem is that the layer power settings don’t seem to be right when running the job. Run the same things from RDworks and it cuts through the material as expected.

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