Using laser with shapes outside the boundaries

i trying to do a longer project then my work space. so as practice i tried to do a square half inside the boundaries half outside, but it gave a popup saying a shape is outside the frame and wont be sent. is there a setting i can turn off to let me?

ive tried using the “cut shapes” to make my project split but it dose not work for me on my PNG picture that i imported

Hi Paul, this is a great video that explains what you’re trying to do.

Correct. The Cut Shapes tool is for shapes, not an image at this time. You can “cut” your image using the ‘Image Masking / Cropping’ tool discussed here: Image Masking / Cropping - LightBurn Software Documentation

You may need to do this a few time to get the sections / pieces you want.

Finally, if you would like to “bake in” an image mask, you can select the image, right click and choose Flatten Image Mask. This will make the mask permanent, actually removing the now unused image data as well as deleting the image mask shape.

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