Using Lightburn ON and OFF of wifi intermittently

I have my lasers in a a shop with wifi and one in another shop does not have wifi, I take the laptop to each one. Can I request OFFLINE activation on the same computer and use it on and off line? Example, can I bounce back and forth using the wifi or the offline? Or once I get the activation for offline will it mess up my using wifi on that computer? Is there a toggle button in the software?

Offline activation doesn’t affect the actual wifi function of the computer as a whole. It only affects how LightBurn itself is activated. Wifi connectivity will continue to function as normal when available.

Having said that, the normal activation should work fine if you have intermittent network access. You need not have an always-on connection for LightBurn to function. Offline activation is really intended for computers that are perpetually offline.

Hi, I have one in my garage/workshop, it’s too far to get a good connection for wifi but it works without problem.
I take it indoors for latest updates when needed, usually update every 2-3 new Lightburn updates.

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