Using Lightburn on my CNC with PlanetCNC

I am currently building a new CNC Machine (primary milling) which is using PlanetCNC. I want to have a ‘powerfull’ diode laser on the Z Tower of the machine.
Can I use Lightburn for the Laser tasks on my milling machine with the PlanetCNC controller?

Since I want to order a diode Laser can yo give me any advice for a module with good quality? It should have ~20W power and air assist.

Thank you in advance!

A quick perusal of PlanetCNC indicates that it’s not likely that LightBurn would be able to control the device directly as it’s not a compatible controller.

This would limit you to potentially generating generic g-code from LightBurn and running on the native software. Right now there’s very limited configurability for the code that’s generated so if your machine had specific requirements it could require edits to the g-code before processing. There’s been discussions about having richer configurability for this coming in the future but I wouldn’t suggest you count on it if you have an immediate need.

If this is something you’re willing to try then suggest you use the trial version to experiment with this.

Don’t have any advice for you on the laser module side.

Tahnk you for your answer.

Is there any chance the planetcnc will be a compatible controller?

So you think even generating a gcode in lightburn and load it in planetcnc wont work directly since there are not enought configuration options in lightburn for the gcode to be understood? is there missing something like a working postprozessor for planetcnc? Is there overall the options to optimize the lightburn postprozessor so it will be one time work and then I can generate the gcode?

So what are the alternatives than? Using Inventor Fusion for Laser? Or Inventor Cam? I assume the would never have the same laseroptions like lightburn!?

BR Matz

I wouldn’t necessarily say that. It’s possible that it could work without modification if whatever dialect of g-code that PlanetCNC uses matches an existing device profile in LightBurn. I’m just not familiar. But if other similar platforms are compared they generally require some level of tweaking.

There is no such postprocessor in LightBurn that’s at least user accessible. That may be how the feature is being developed for the future but I’m not aware.

You could try generating g-code form LightBurn and comparing to native PlanetCNC requirements. There are other CAM solutions that may be able to generate code for your machine but I’m not familiar. PlanetCNC seemed to advertise laser capability. Can the native software not be used for it?

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