Using Lightburn Shading

Don’t know if this has been asked before, but I will ask:)
Using Lightburn can I burn the outline of a image at one power and the shading of the image at a lesser power? What I want is a dark outline and the shading to be much lighter.
And there is not a way to do a fill have some shapes, it is only thru the ‘Fill’-‘Mode’. Is this correct?


I think in this instance, we could use to ‘see’ what you are trying to accomplish. Your arrangement of words here is failing me and I am not following you, sorry. :slight_smile:

OK, let my try and explain:
So I draw a square and I want it filled, so the square fill is completely black
But I want the lines of the square burned at 100%, but I want the fill on the square at only 50% ( so the lines pop but the shading (fill) in only slightly visible.
Hope this helps


Sort of.

Let me try this.

If I create a rectangle shape and set it to ‘Fill+Line’ on the layer, note the settings differences between the fill, done to the inside of this shape, and the line which is drawn around the boundaries of the shape. Could this be what you are wanting to do?

Yes, thanks that answers my question!

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