Using Lightburn v1.2 to control multiple Galvo lasers from a single computer

I have been running an EZCad2 Fiber Galvo Laser for many years now. Recently I purchased another EZCad2 Galvo CO2 laser that has yet to arrive, but I expect it in a week or so from now.

I purchased a new computer and intend to connect the existing laser. However, I am unsure if connecting a second laser will be possible and run from the same machine.

With my current Gantry configured Lightburn, I assigned an IP to my CO2 laser and sent the job directly. But since Galvo receives jobs/control via USB I am not sure if the Lightburn software will differentiate between the two Galvo’s. This issue takes on a broader complication in that I will have an existing Galvo which is Fiber and the yet-to-arrive new Galvo which is CO2. I have considered the possibility of separate installations of Lightburn on the same computer, but there may be no separation at the USB level to support the separate technologies, Fiber vs CO2.

If I need to purchase a separate computer, then so be it. But using a single computer would save money and desktop space in the shop.

  1. You can define any number of devices in a LightBurn installation. Click Devices in Laser Window to add more devices.
  2. You can run multiple instances of the same LightBurn installation. Not sure what OS you’re running. This is easier on Windows but perfectly doable on Mac.
  3. Each instance of LightBurn running can only control a single laser at a time. So you would need as many instances running as you have number of lasers you want to control at the same time.
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Thank you for the quick reply. I should have included my hardware specs. I am running Windows 10 x64 Intel Core i7 with SSDrive and 24gb Ram. Resources to run multiple instances of Lightburn should not be a problem. I will install the existing Galvo Fiber this weekend and check the options you referenced. :+1:

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