Using Marlin with TTL function

First off all: Sorry for my Englisch! I am Dutch and not very good in writing Englisch.

I have a core XY printer with a 10 watt laser on it. I was using the Lichtburn software until now by using only the power connection of the laser. To increase the ligth i used the hotend fan connection from the RAMPS1.4 board.

Now the firmware is changed and the TTL is now comming from pin 44

But: the laser will not fire at all!!
What can be wrong?

This is the change made in Marlin:

In configuration.h
Line 141
#define FAN1_PIN 44 // 2nd fan output attached to laser TTL input

Lines config type EFB regel 170, 171,172
#define SPINDLE_LASER_ENABLE_PIN 42 // digital pin
#define SPINDLE_LASER_PWM_PIN 44 // digital pin - MUST BE HARDWARE PWM
#define SPINDLE_DIR_PIN 45 // digital pin

Like this

I have solved the problem. There was somethink wrong in the Marlin firmware.
Thank all !


Maybe post your solution here, so anyone with the same problem in the future can come here and see how to fix it?