Using 'Material Depth' Importance

[Is the Material Depth in the cut/layers window important and if so why? I hade Diode Lasers. See image where I have circled the section in question.

TIA of any answers.

What version are you on?

If you have an autofocus bed, I think the setting of the proper thickness should prevent the head from crashing. Other folks definitely need to weigh in on it though.

Note to self… Look at this thread:

I have the NEJE A40640. No it doesnt have an auto focus bed. I was wondering what this bit of software was for e.g. guaging the depth of the cut? I didnt know you could get auto focus beds so that might be the reason.

Material Thickness is for machines with powered Z height adjustments, correct. If you don’t have that, don’t worry about it.

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