Using Rotary Axis for Multiple Part Marking In X axis

Hi, I am relatively new to Lightburn, but I am trying to mark a few thousand of these stainless plates. However I thought I could use the rotary axis in the X rotation to rotate a jig to hold multiple plates at once on a disc that is larger than the work area and similar to doing a large cylinder, the rotary would move each plate under the work area at a time to engrave each plate.

Is this sort of thing possible, and if so, how would I go about setting it up? I have the jig made already and really hope it is something that can be achieved?

Attached is an image of the setup how I think it could work…

The feature in LightBurn that you want to look at is called “Repeat Marking Tool”.

More information here:
Repeat Marking Tool - LightBurn Documentation (

Note that this is a distinct feature from the Rotary tool feature and don’t work together.


What you are describing is called Rotary Indexing. Lightburn has no mechanism for controlling the rotary in this manner. The only solution I can imagine is to write the process in GCode where you control the rotary motion with distance commands.

Which could work for machines using G-Code.

AFAICT all Ruida / galvo / fiber controllers sport their very own proprietary / undocumented / binary interfaces, because of course those are better. :frowning_face:

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They are in some ways, but I have been a GCoder for a really long time and probably can’t change if I wanted to. Proprietary means protection of trade secrets to them. It means I have to buy the add-ons from them and nobody else.

I bought the SF-A9 because it was not one of those other controllers. I selected the minimum option for the no hassle path. If I get an order for 10,000 pieces, then yes, I will join the elete club.

I think I went off-subject…

So, if you want to see someone using the Repeat Marking Tool to do a rotary tray of business cards on a galvo laser, here’s a link to about an hour and 38 minutes into a Laser Everything live stream where they’re doing just that.

(I found a lot of videos of people using rotary marking trays, but I couldn’t easily find any basic edited how to videos. The live stream will just have to do, I suppose.)

The limitation of the Repeat Marking Tool is that it’s for just that, i.e. repeat marking, but if you’re marking a few thousand plates, I imagine they’re basically the same. (It sounds like you could theoretically use the variable text function for some variability, but I haven’t played around with that.)

Likely even more important than the trade secrets thing.

We’re in violent agreement here … :grin;

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