Using Rotary with MKS DLC32

Hi. First poster long time lurker.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how Xtool managed to add a rotary tool.
I know the rotary tool should be in place of the Y axis and the DLC having dual Y ports would allow me to connect. But wouldn’t that make the rotary and the y axis move at the same time? Is the only solution to unplug Y and plug in the rotary tool?

Can both be connected and use one at a time?


Not necessarily, it’s the most common choice, but it can by any other axis (z, a) as well.

Yes. The dual y-axis ports are meant to drive a y-axis with two motors, not two different devices. You can’t connect both at the same time.

In my opinion, the easiest solution is to use either the z-axis for the rotary or integrate a physical switch that switches between both devices. I built one once, explained here (meanwhile you can also buy those at some places, I added one link to the description as well): Rotary roller - Diode Laser Wiki (close to the end of that page)

I’m using the Z axis. :wink: