Using the create an array option

I used the create an array of the selected object tool and am wondering if there is a way to take the objects that were made and separate them where I could assign different speeds and power settings to them


The general strategy:

  1. select all objects in a single column, assign to a unique layer and set speed as specified and 100% power
  2. do this for each column
  3. select all objects in a single row, then go to Shape Properties and set Power Scale to power % as specified.

I think this is a good exercise to go through yourself but be aware that there are other options for this:

  1. There are pre-made test patterns available through a search on this forum
  2. There is a generator that will create patterns as you specify here:
    Lightburn PowerScale Generator - O2 Creative
  3. There is a new built-in material test tool in LightBurn under Laser Tools → Material Test

Thank you so much problem solved !

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