Using the passthrough doors and lightburn to engrave an item larger than your laser bed

So I have project to engrave that’s 36" long and my laser bed is only 19", but I have passthrough doors. How do I set up lightburn to break down my project into sections so that I can do the complete engrave? I have searched and have had no luck. Its for the head table at a wedding and its the couples last name big and bold with their wedding date and names underneath it. Any detailed help would be greatly appreciated!!!
It’s a Chinese 100w co2 laser with a rudia controller if that makes any difference?

You have my interest. I know if you have it, the U axis drive is for advancing material. Would be nice to know if it can be used for doing multi part work as well.

The new Cut Shapes tool can be used to split a project, and the Print & Cut feature can be used to register multiple cuts together. We’re working on a video to walk you through how to do this, but it’s brand new, and will take a couple days to complete.

That’s great news! I’ll be anxiously awaiting as their wedding is Tuesday! Thank you!!