Using the "Pause" function

Good morning…while starting to etch a photo I noticed that the power was too low
I clicked “pause”
changed the power from 25% to 40%
then clicked “resume”
I then noticed that the power had actually dropped (ie the etch was barely visible)

What do you mean you changed the power - In the LightBurn UI? That has no effect on the running job.

When you click the Start button, the entire job is converted to GCode, buffered in memory, and streamed until it is completed or you stop the job. Changes to anything in the UI have no effect whatsoever on this buffered GCode.

Uploaded Photo…set up parameters…clicked run
was experimenting with painted wood
about 75% into completion I clicked Pause
went to cuts
changed power from current 25% to 40%
then clicked resume
when it started the job again the power dropped
see attached photo