Using the Print and Cut feature

Thanks to the developers of this amazing program. I am really enjoying the learning journey. I am going to do a 2800mm long sign next year by passing the board through the sides of my Emblaser Core. I didn’t want to engrave 7 “panels” and butt them against each other and the Print and Cut makes it so easy to create. I learn a new software program best when I have something I need/want to do, and this sign is one such thing. I am constantly learning new things and just what I can (and can’t) do. Before trying the actual sign, I practice with a sample and the attached image is the engraving on the first two panels on a piece of ply I had in the shed. I think I lined the panels quite successfully for my first go.
PrintandCut sign 2 panels

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Hi, nice job, I bought my laser with the intension of using the pass through but as of yet not had the time. :pensive:
but glad to see it works. :+1: