Using the Weld or Boolean Functions

To get right to the point, I have not yet been able to Weld or “Boolean” join any shapes together. Must the shapes be a certain type?

To provide a little explanation of what I have done if it provides any help see below:

  1. I copied 2 clipart type images from the internet.

  2. I pasted and then traced them in lightburn.

  3. I then modified one of them using the node tool. Basically, deleted nodes to eliminate part of the shape and smooth the lightburn image.

  4. I then moved the other image over the top of the other, and then again moved the nodes on the lower imaged until the two images touched (overlapped) where I wanted them to.

  5. I then selected both the images and went to the tool and both the Weld and Boolean functions were “greyed out” (not available) for what I wanted to do - weld them together.

I’ve looked at your online tutorial and read the associated information in the manual and cannot find what I’m doing wrong.

Anyone have an idea on what I’m doing wrong?

There can only be two and they have to be closed objects, I believe.

Edit → Select open shapes

Good luck…


Post a screenshot or your file so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

All shapes should be closed. If there are multiple shapes per group you need to group them.

Wow, thank you both for responding so quickly. Below is an image of what I’m trying to weld.

Weld image

Image 1 is a landscape, and yes it is a closed image.
Image 2 is a bear, it is also a closed image.

The landscape had a different animal in it originally and i removed it using the node edit feature.

Hope this helps.

On the landscape. If it’s all grouped together it won’t work because of the pieces in the middle. Try ungrouping the landscape. You might need to do this a few times. Select the outer line that intersects the bear and try again.

Thank you both so much for your advice. It turned out that one of the shapes was indeed not closed.

I read a little more about Auto-Join and Close Path. When I selected each image, one of the (the bear) did not allow for selecting either of those edit functions, so I presumed it was a closed image. However, when I selected the landscape image, only Close Path was available and it solved the problem.

Thanks again!

There is an option under edit to ‘select open shapes’…

Make sure everything is not selected prior to use.


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