Using the Z-axis

Hi, this is my first post. My native language is not English, please take it into account. :slight_smile:

I’m using a K40 upgraded to a MKS SBase v1.3 running Smoothieware.

I recently created a motorized Z Table. I can Home it and jog it successfully.
Now I need to learn how to take advantage of it inside LightBurn. I’ve searched the documentation and the videos online but got almost nothing.

How can LightBurn take advantage of the motorized the Z table?

I would assume that if I instructed Lightburn of the Z table height focus distance, then based on the material thickness LightBurn could place the focus on a chosen depth.
For instance: on top of the material for engraving OR at middle thickness of the material for cutting. Is LightBurn capable of doing that? If so, where can I learn how to use it? I can’t find it on the documentation.

Any help would be nice.


I had already read it yesterday several times, but I don’t understand how it can use absolute Z position for different thicknesses. I find the documentation insufficient.

Where do I enter the Z height for proper focus? Is some Z height considered to be the proper focus distance? Which height, Z=0? Am I understanding something wrong?

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