Using trace to outine tools for cutting shadow boards

I wanted to find out how well Lightburn can trace metallic objects like wrench’s for example laid out for a shadow board. The camera can capture the image but can Lightburn create an outline if it is against a black background? I am hoping this can be done because I have many tool cabinets and drawers to convert and it would be less tedious to scan and trace rather than to digitize in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

The trace tool is contrast sensitive.
Dark tools on a dark background may present a challenge.

If you take a well lit picture of the tools laid out how you want them, against a bright white background you may find the trace tool works well for you. A light box would be ideal.

White paper on the bed of the engraver may work with enough diffuse light to manage the shadows.

Additionally, others have offered the following as an application-specific solution. Might also be worth your review.

John and Rick thanks for the info. The Toolkaiser looks amazing. Also from past scanning experiences in 3d using a foot powder spray on metallic objects, renders white for shooting and then just wipes off. Chrome can confuse some capture programs.


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