Using Welding with QRCodes from CSV file

We were using welding on our QRCodes to improve the fill. Now that we switched to using a CSV we can’t get welding to work. The pre-processes the wildcard and doesn’t use the CSV. Is there a way around this?

No welding preview:
QR Code Not Welded

Welded Preview:

I’m trying to understand what you’re trying to do.

In what way are you saying that welding the QR code improves the fill?

The reason you cannot weld the QR code while still using the Merge is that it stops being a logical QR code once you weld it.

Hello berainlb and thank you for the response.

Here is what we are trying to do. We needed to create QR codes that is linked to a csv document so it renders a different code each time (like a different serial number). We are planning on laser engraving this variable QR code onto our material. The problem is in the generated QR code, each box is framed (see not welded preview image attached) so when this is laser engraved, the border of each of the box shows on the engraving. I usually manage to circumvent this on non-variable QR codes by welding the boxes together (see welded preview above) but we cannot do this for a variable QR code because the moment the variable QR code gets welded, it loses the information (it will not weld the variable generated code, it will instead weld the placeholder QR code)

Long story short, we are wondering if there is a way to either 1. Weld the variable generated QR code or 2. adjust the size of the QR code boxes so they will overlap each other to remove the small spacing between the QR code boxes

Can you not just use a Fill operation on the layer? From what I can tell what you’re after that should get you what you need.

So if we anneal the mark on the part then you can still see the faint lines between the blocks. When welding we don’t have those lines.

I see. I don’t see a practical way to do this for an arbitrarily high quantity batch.

If you were dealing with a manageable number, you could potentially “Bake” the results, and subsequently do the welds on the resulting baked results.

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