Using White Wash Method on Maple

white washed Maple

2.5 watt Eleksmaker


Stucki Dither

1200 mm/min 50% power 339 DPI

120 x 100 mm…105 minutes

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wonderful. very good work.

Thank you @Andre-Jr

Can you describe the white wash method for us newbies…

… Also, do paints not give toxic fumes when Lasered?

wet the wood with lacquer thinner…then immediately spray with flat white…wait two minutes…then rub and wipe off excess…too my knowledge this paint is not toxic…but I also air extraction to be safe…

What is the reason for white washing?
I also notice that you seem to consistently use 339 DPI.
Why and how did you zero in on that number?
Great work once again.

White wash brings out the contrast…339 is the DPI that matches the size of my beam 0.075 mm

So I looked up the spot size for my 7 watt J-tech and it appears to be .007"
If that’s the case, I should be only using 143 DPI.
Is that correct?

Yes…thats approx 180 microns…0.180 mm
You could try 200 DPI
If the photo is dark that means the beam is overlapping
7 watt won;t give you great detail
Some photos you can get away with it